• Annette Phillip posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Hi my name is Annette Phillip, and I am new to this website. I presently live in New York, United States. I am a poet/writer. I am from the Beautiful Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica. After Hurricane Maria I was saddened by the devastation done to Dominica and felt compelled to write a poem about Hurricane Maria. I wanted to get this poem out there, let everyone know the effect Hurricane Maria had on Dominica. I found out about a Barbados magazine called Island Signatures through a friend of mine and contacted them. I sent a copy of the poem and they were pleased with it and told me they would publish it in their 8th issue on January 2019. I was very excited about this venture. Representing Dominica is something I have always done. The magazine came out on January 24th 2019. I don’t have the magazine piece right now. As they are not on the shelves yet but I would love to present my poem on this site and share my work of poetry.
    I am going to also publish my first Children’s Book which is in the process of being illustrated. I have written a string of poems on a website called all
    I hope I can get all the support being an artist in a world that is very competitive.