BuzznTell is a website designed to bring awareness to a positive cause and to help tell that story to the Universe!

The main types of posts on BuzznTell are Updates(News), Polls, Videos and BuzzLists.

Updates: are posts that have a more news oriented focus.

Polls: are used to garner response to surveys and questionnaires and foster opinions.

Videos: are used to showcase a specific video undertaking from BuzznTell users.

BuzzLists: are themed posts where the intention is that a user keep updating it with new entry types on a regular basis. BuzzLists are the most dynamic type of post on BuzznTell as they are more suited to go viral. And, with the Fundraising category of BuzzLists organizations like Churches, Charities, Entrepreneurs, Community Organizations can all seek support from the global community for their project or undertaking.

BuzznTell is therefore a pinnacle of positive community support and information.

The BuzznTell site houses that hottest community news topics for the day/week. Here you can find any important information going on in any community, and engage in giving your own comments to the news.

Notice Board:

The notice board stands true to its name. On this page, communities will get the chance to promote and inform the public about their upcoming events, Farmers can give an update on crops as in what will be out for sale soon. Community businesses can display any short term promotions on goods and services, Gentle reminders on normal events e.g. Roadside Friday BBQ’s etc.

Land Marks:

On this page, we get the chance to promote the treasures of different countries, while giving insight on their history, stories, and what can and is being done to preserve these wonders and make them even more attractive.

Tourism Center:

What are the favorites of our visitors? Do they have a site to go to for directions? Can they view our sites before they visit so as to know what they are in for? What about all those exciting tours? Can we give them contacts and promote them. Hotel information can be placed here in order to make things easier for our stay over and also Cruise visitors.

To make things even more interesting, how about getting reviews on our country straight from the visitors? Having a ComeSeeNews Rep at the various premium sites while ships are in port in order to get video feeds of the visitors opinions on our country would not only assist in our general statistical reports but also enable us to communicate what is needed to make our tourism product even more appealing.

Community Chatter/(Beff n ting)

Now this is the more interesting part where the public basically runs the show. You can log in and Blog in your thoughts on matters, events etc. Ask questions and interact in a decent manner which will be moderated and edited (minimally) by the Morderator.

This will both take place through video or by Article; but the latest event in your community will be covered and the public will have a voice to really express their views on the goings on in their communities and the country on a whole.


There will be Trivia questions on certain companies or events, this section will give companies and event coordinators a way to get their information and brands around while engaging their customers in small token awards.

On this page also, you can locate the ‘Regular’ news. The news everyone else covers….. just because…..we can!

  •  After the Sun Sets: Remember that case that got thrown out….about three (3) years ago? Whatever happened to that artist who came out with that catchy tune six (6) months ago? What is the status of that road which was supposed to be built for this community? These questions need to be answered and will be on this page. BuzznTell keeping up with the stories which seems to have set with the sun.
  • Faith: Update yourself with the latest sermon of your favorite Faith Leader.       Faith leaders and other individuals are encouraged to submit any faith based articles or papers under this section.
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